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Charlotte Devlin

Scottish Composer

Charlotte Devlin is a composer from South Lanarkshire Scotland. Over the years she has written for many instrumentalists including Percussionist Callum Speirs and Ensembles such as Red Note and Edinburgh Quartet. Alongside this, she has had some pieces featured in the PLUG festival run by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She has scored numerous short films including 'Moving' by Seyma Dag,  'Heartbreak in The City' by Tabitha Dearie, 'Pink Confessions' By Maria Farres Fernandez and 'Blue' by Erin Williamson.


Charlotte is also an instrumentalist in the experimental Glasgow-based collective 'Mt. Rain' where she performs on Drums, Tin Whistle and Keys. Mt. Rain have performed in venues across the City including Glasgow Royal Concert Hall at the 2024 Chinese New Year Gala.

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